How do I order and pay?

Hello dear users, today we will show you how to order and pay on our site.

After our store page is loaded and opened, we scroll down.

This section shows all the products in our store. Among the discounted and campaign products, we point to the product we want to buy and click on it.

Click on the big green “Buy” button on the product page that opens.

Our payment system page will open, it is 100% safe and it is a national company. There is 3D Secura. Press the blue continue button.

Enter your payment information. Please do not forget to enter your e-mail address because your fivem customer panel account and product will be sent to your e-mail address, so do not forget to enter your e-mail address.

Confirm your mail adress.

Confirm your phone
These steps are security steps. It is to prevent FAKE / STOLEN information.


We have come to the final step. All you have to do is enter your card information here and press the Blue “complete payment” button. Make sure you have enough money on your card and make sure it is open to online shopping and international purchases. That’s all, thank you.

After sending and delivering your digital product to the e-mail address you specified for immediate delivery after the order, we will send you the login information of your customer panel account information, from which you will benefit from all services such as support, updates, questions, free installation, etc., to the same e-mail address. Just like this Username: blabla Password: blabla And you just need to log in and that’s it.

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