Frequently asked questions for shopping.

Since 2013, we have been providing quality and cheap service to our customers, we provide reliability thanks to our crowded reference, our reliable site and many happy customers.

Every shopping you make is secured with our 100% secure system and our data retention policy.

If you wish, you can buy ready-made themes we have prepared for certain platforms for you and have your dream website thanks to free installation. You have purchased 1 Forum theme (for SMF platform). With the first priority, we install the necessary platform on your server, activate our theme and deliver your site by making it ready. We provide support and help with our support line.

Designing your own theme will help you draw a theme template that you have designed according to the platform you use, if you wish, we make this theme concrete and make your own theme according to your wishes.

You can change the service we have made for WebTasarım only once, after the installation, you are asked about the final settings, the design subtleties are asked, and then the support will only be in the form of questions and answers, after the installation you are taught the use of the site and all usage settings, you can review our policies for withdrawal rights and other rights.

For Graphic Design, you can get service by purchasing the special packages we have prepared for you. When you purchase a Corporate Package, you will receive a package that includes 1 logo design, 1 banner, 1 banner, all social media designs, advertisement designs, product designs, and we deliver this package content by designing it according to your request.

If you wish, we can provide a transaction by purchasing a service you want, for example; You have ordered 1 logo design, we take the necessary logo details from you and design the logo of your dreams.

You can change the service we have made for Graphic Design only twice, you can review our policies for withdrawal rights and other rights.

By choosing a package with the features you want, you buy the service, and all the information in the description of each package is its own feature, neither missing nor more.

The installation we have done for Fivem is provided free of charge, then we provide question-answer support from our support line, if there is an external deficiency / error in the package, this will be met with urgency and the customer responsibilities and what they should do in their external package description do not do the store staff do not do this service. You can review our policy …


Our best quality and cheap service policy, which is our only service policy since the day we were founded, is our most important feature. We both help and provide services to people.

Whatever Martin Luther said, whatever you do, do your best. we add the cheapest here too 🙂

Our pre-sales support system is an information and assistance support line for our customers who do not buy products.

For our customers who purchase products and receive support, they can get support by opening a ticket to our Support line channel, and the ticket for this is answered within 1 hour at the latest and support is provided.

We provide free shipping for our products that require cargo, all of your products will be shipped within 1 business day except for the weekend after the order and payment and are on the way for delivery.