Attention Before opening a ticket, you must fill in and submit the form of the ticket department you will open. If you do not fill in the form and submit your ticket, your ticket will be deleted and will not be helped !.

Fivem Support Form

You must fill this form. If you don’t fill it, you won’t get support.

We are not obliged to help for the system that is broken by your fault. see >

If you change the script and make it “qbcore”> “imdevelopercore”, for example. You are a developer and you don’t need us. Note that even a single letter change is not guaranteed, support is not provided.

This is the only place where you can get support with bugs.

Important: Support will only be provided for originally provided systems that are faulty. Support is never provided for a script or other script that has been modified externally. If even a single letter changes, we will not support it.

1# Explain exactly what is the problem.:

2# Write the exact name of the script which is the problem.:

3# Are you sure the problem is the problem. You may not know how the script works. Open the script and examine the codes. Post review problem still persists? Yes or no.:

4# Is there an error message with the problem? If so, take a picture of the error message and send it:

5# Have you changed the error script before or my original version?:

6# Are the scripts required for the system to run? Are there items required for the script to run?:

You can fill out the entire form here and open a support ticket here!

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