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Fivem – Q7 Framework

$ 45,00
Not a single script, different options from each script. right of choice left to the customer. Beautiful designs. "OXMYSQL, MYSQL, GHMATTMYSQL" "PMA-VOICE, MUMBLE, TOKOVOIP" Video call feature that comes ready-made without the need to purchase anything additional! Take advantage of updates! Working with ESX Client codes and menu and QBCore. customer panel where you can do everything!   The Q7 Framework is Fivem's best and most authentically designed package.  Option feature is available in this package. For example, there are 5 bank scripts, the customer can choose and use the one he likes. For optional scripts, we leave the choice to the customer's taste. So the customer can create their favorite server. Anti Cheat protected and +100 FPS Guaranteed package. It provides a pleasant role enjoyment with all original scripts suitable for HardRP Quality. All vehicle modes have been carefully added and designed specifically for the package. All handles have been written by trials. It is one of the most beautiful packages with the most ultra modern scripts. This product cannot be refund.There are no refunds for digital products and digital delivery.

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